2021 Revisions to the Laws of the Game

The revisions for the Laws of the Game 2020/2021 are once again further refinements aimed at providing clarification to some of the more confusing laws, as well as the addition of some small yet significant laws.

Summary of 2021 Laws of the Game Changes:

Law 10 – Determining the Outcome of a Match

  • Warnings and cautions issued during the match are not carried forward into kick from the penalty mark (i.e. penalty shootout to determine the outcome of a match)
  • During kicks from the penalty mark, the goalkeeper is now warned for the first offence and cautioned for any subsequent offence(s)

Law 11 – Offside

  • Deliberate handball by a defender is considered ‘deliberate play’ for offside

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

  • For the purposes of determining handball offence, the upper boundary of the arm is in line with the bottom of the armpit
  • Accidental’ handball by an attacking player (or team-mate) is only penalised if it occurs ‘immediately’ before a goal or clear goal-scoring opportunity
  • A goalkeeper can receive a YC or be sent off (RC) for ‘illegally’ touching the ball a second time after a restart (e.g. goal kick, free kick etc.) even if the touch is with the hand/arm
  • Any offence (not only a foul) which ‘interferes with or stops a promising attack’ should result in a YC
  • A player who fails to respect the 4m (4.5 yd) required distance at a dropped ball should receive a YC
  • If the referee plays advantage or allows a ‘quick’ free kick for an offence which ‘interfered with or stopped a promising attack’, the YC is not issued

Law 14 – The Penalty Kick

  • An offence by the goalkeeper is not penalised if a penalty kick misses the goal or rebounds from the goal (without a touch from the goalkeeper) unless the offence clearly affected the kicker
  • The goalkeeper is warned for the first offence; it is a YC for any further offence(s)
  • The kicker is penalised if the goalkeeper and the kicker offend at exactly the same time

If you have any questions on the changes please contact the MWFRA Branch Coach, Hayden Smith at branchcoach@mwfra.org.au

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