The Manly Warringah Football Referees Association stocks a full range of refereeing equipment for purchase. Items available for purchase are listed in the table below.

The MWFRA has engaged Umbroo to be the MWFRA uniform supplier for 2020. As part of this engagement, there is a new uniform design which includes both a black and yellow shirt with black shorts and black socks. 

To purchase any item, please contact Sigrid Mulherin at [email protected] or 0420 660 362

Shirt (black, blue or yellow)$27.50
Shorts (black)$18.00
Socks (black)$8.00
Tracksuit Top*$36.00
Tracksuit Pants*$30.00
Pro Shower Jacket*$44.00
Whistle (Fox 40)$15.00
Red and yellow cards$5.00
Flag (each)$15.00
Laws of the Game book$20.00

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