Each year, the Association acknowledges its top performing referees with the awarding of certain awards.  A number of the awards are named after members who have made significant contributions to the Association, to refereeing and to football:

The Senior Referee of the Year Award is awarded to the best referee over 55 years of age.

The FFA Level Three Referee of the Year Award is awarded to the best referee between 26 and 55 years of age who also holds the FFA Level Three referee accreditation.

The Vice President Juniors Achievement Award (VPJAA) is awarded to a junior referee for outstanding achievement in all endeavours of refereeing throughout the season.

YearRefereeAssistantSeniorLevel ThreeUnder 25Under 21Under 183rd Year2nd YearRookieVPJAA
2020NAGeoffrey PetersonNANANANAJorja
Hannah LovlinMia VelardeSamuel StanburyDaniel Flewin
2019A BestB GiufriddaD McLeanH SmithN PetersonJ HillJ MackieS DenhamT DaleC EasonZ Chew
2018A BestJ MackieW PlantD BuryT WilliamsI CovicA LlanaB GiufriddaJ O'BrienJ BoonE Robb
2017J MartinsJ MackieG LenihanD BuryT WilliamsJ CourtsJ HillJ GallagherH ArmstrongG PetersonA Giles
2016S BrennanR SeniorG LenihanD TurnerA SmithJ MoralesJ CourtsB GiufriddaJ Gallagher
2015S BrennanI CovicK LewisL PetersonA SmithJ MoralesJ CourtsE MichellJ Hill
2014S BrennanJ CourtsG LenihanJ MartinsA SmithJ MoralesA IlesA ZhouR Mackie
2013J MartinsR SeniorG LenihanD Le BanS BrennanN BarrettJ MoralesI Covic
2012J MartinsJ HepworthS LogueNot AwardedS BrennanJ WardT WilliamsL Power
2011J MartinsC JonesK StewartA WhitfordB DownieS BrennanN BarrettJ Pierre
2010J MartinsT EggerF BestC GrantB DownieA SmithN BarrettA Powers
2009R ShepheardT LeeK LewisC GrantB DownieA SmithM CollinsH Jewell
2008J RaphaelT LeeF BestP RespicioB DukeS SteindlA SmithN Barrett
2007R ShepheardT LeeN-O MathisenE PennyM GillettB DukeA TrevorA Wallis
2006A ValeC RamsayP RobsonC GrantM GillettB DukeA TrevorJ Jackson
2005R ShepheardD TorevellP CliftM GillettB DukeH Louis
2004R ShepheardJ CuttleM GillettP CliftM GillettB Duke
2003L HudsonC GrantM GillettP CliftB Duke
2002A ValeR CantR ShepheardM GillettA Best
2001A ValeR CantR ShepheardM GillettA Best
2000G WilksG CourtsR ShepheardA CarrattM Gillett
1999A ValeG CourtsR ShepheardL VentressA Carratt
1998C StocksG KellowN DracakisM HiggsT Simonsen
1997L HudsonC StocksR ShepheardM Higgs
1996L HudsonC StocksR ShepheardA Jordan
1995A RathboneA ValeC ParrattR Shepheard
1994A RathboneA ValeM DineM Jordan
1993A RathboneA ValeM DineR Ashover
1992A RathboneG CouplandS BendallM Dine
1991A RathboneA ValeG CouplandD Goodwin
1990S RussellA HillJ Humphrey
1989C CouplandG CouplandD Heffernan
1988S RussellA HillG Coupland
1987D HillP BlackwoodG Coupland
1986S RussellA EasonT Haerland
1985J GeevesA LaxO Gonzales
1984G Geeves JnrK Artuso
1983A BartlettM Connor
1982J Geeves
1981A Rathbone

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