Life Members

Thirty-nine people have been appointed life members of the Manly Warringah Football Referees Association in recognition of their outstanding service since its establishment in 1949.

Induction yearLife memberNote
2018R Brennan
2012R Shepheard
2005T SeamanDeceased
2002D Gale
2001T Croal
1995I Massey
1995P Robson
1993G Muoio
1992B Crosweller
1991J Loke
1991H Bosschieter
1991P Lovett
1990D Hill
1989J Lax
1989K Martin OAM
1988S BonesDeceased
1988B McBurnieDeceased
1987J BrilmanDeceased
1987C Coupland
1987J Vincent
1985A Rathbone
1983W Connor
1983S RussellDeceased
1982W KirkDeceased
1981J Geeves
1981A BartlettDeceased
1981J Withnell
1980G Geeves Jnr
1977J EtheringtonDeceased
1975C JackDeceased
1973JE BoyerDeceased
1973W Van LeeuwenDeceased
1971J DavidsonDeceased
1971G Geeves SnrDeceased
1970A SpenceDeceased
1968J BreenDeceased
1967GH HudsonDeceased
1966JW CookDeceased
1964F AdlerDeceased