The Manly Warringah Football Referees Association would like to reaffirm the Laws of the Game and the competition rules that govern the management of the technical area.

The management of the technical area is a critical aspect of maintaining control of the match and is especially critical amidst a period of heightened tensions on and off the field as finals time approaches.

The MWFRA asks its referees to be proactive in managing the behaviour of team officials and to take appropriate action if necessary (using the ‘Ask, Tell, Remove’ method.) A citation report must be submitted if a team official is dismissed from the technical area.

Technical Area – MWFRA Areas of Focus

  • Ensure all subs are wearing a bib while on the bench and while warming up
  • Excessive number of people in the TA – a guide is to allow the maximum 5 subs and 4 team officials. If they have 10 and they are well behaved don’t worry about it, 11 is too many. (allowance is made for those competitions with 7 subs – a maximum of 11 people allowed in the TA.
  • Absolutely no alcohol, no cigarettes and no e-cigarettes – the offenders (and entire technical area) are to be publicly warned on the first instance, with the appropriate card issued for team officials or players that subsequently offend
  • No “non players” in the TA. (eg: First grade players during reserve grade games, and vice-versa). They will always creep into the TA especially on Cromer 1 & 2 and other fields where warm up space is limited. If they warm up on one of these fields, generally it needs to be in a far corner with no balls used.
  • Offensive Language used by Team Officials and Substitutes in the TA –we must ensure the appropriate punishment (be it a verbal warning or cards) is issued


Technical Area – MWFA Playing Rules

  1. On each MWFA field used for competition matches two Technical Areas must be clearly marked on the same side of the field by the responsible Club as stipulated by FIFA guidelines. It is desirable that Clubs provide sufficient seating to allow all personnel to be seated during the match. Where no Technical Area is marked, teams must still respect an equivalent area for each team either side of the halfway line.
  2. Only currently registered players, coaches and team officials are allowed in the Technical Area during Matches. The only players permitted in the Technical Area are those named on the match sheet.  Coaches and team officials are limited to a maximum of four (4).
  3. Team Coaches, Managers and other team officials must be registered and appear on the relevant match sheet for the game which they are acting in that capacity at official MWFA Matches.
  4. Team Officials may only convey technical and tactical communications and perform other match duties such as arranging substitutes from the Technical Area.
  5. A Coach, manager of other team official who is not registered and/or does not appear on the match sheet for the game cannot occupy the Technical Area.
  6. Either before the game or at any stage of the game, a Match official may request to sight the match sheet and electronic ID to ascertain the eligibility and/or identity of any coach, manager or other team official to be in the Technical Area. If the coach, manager of other official(s) are not eligible they will be required to leave the technical area. Any team failing to comply with this requirement will render their team a punishment as specified in Section T of the Playing Rules or at the discretion of the MWFA.
  7. A Player or Team Official who is under suspension must not occupy a seat in the Technical Area.
  8. All eligible Players in the technical area must wear a bib that contrasts with the colours worn by players of both Teams, Match Officials and the bibs of the Opposing Team.
  9. Where seating is provided all substitutes in the technical area must remain seated unless moving to and from warm-up.
  10. All occupants of the Technical Area must behave in a responsible manner. The Referee has the right to eject any person from the technical area at any time as he/she sees fit. The Match will not recommence until that person has left to the referees satisfaction.
  11. Every team must be represented by an identified official or nominated Manager for the entire period of a Match. A Manager playing in a match is NOT relieved of the duties and responsibilities of the position.

If there are fewer than five substitute players this does not allow additional persons in the area; teams are limited to four team officials during the match