The MWFRA uses Dribl to assist with the task of appointing referees to matches.

Getting Started

Referees who have registered and who have been approved on PlayFootball will have access to Dribl. Previoiusly registered referees can use their log in details from 2023. New referees will receive an activation email from Dribl. Please follow the link in this email asap.

Entering Availability for Appointments

In order to be appointment to officiate on MWFA games, referees are required to enter their availability in Dribl by Sunday midnight for the following 7 days. Please click on the links below for documentation on how to make yourself avaiable and how to accept appointments

  1. Written Instructions
  2. Screen-Shot Instructions

Appointment Weekly Timeline

Appointments are made on Mondays and will be released on Tuesday afternoons for matches to be played the following weekend.

This means that referees must review and update their availability for each weekend by Sunday evening of the preceding weekend.

Upon the release of appointments, referees who have been appointed will receive a notification from Dribl. Please log into Dribl to confirm your appointment.

If there is a change to an appointment (except in cases of wet weather), referees will receive a further email notification from Dribl advising that there has been a change.

Appointments in Cases of Wet Weather

In cases of prolonged wet weather, matches on the weekend may be postponed by the MWFA as early as Friday afternoon. In these cases, referees will receive an email notification from Dribl advising that there has been a change or a postponement.

In other cases of wet weather, matches may be postponed by the MWFA on an ad-hoc basis according to council ground closures or the severity of wet weather on the day. In these cases, after Friday afternoon, there will be any notification from Dribl.

Appointment Withdrawal

Referees who cannot fulfil an appointment must immediately contact MWFRA Administrative Officer Sigrid Mulherin via text to 0420 660 362.

There is no other method by which to withdraw from an appointment.

Repeated appointment withdrawals will hinder the likelihood of further appointments.

Appointments Lock Out

In response to a rising trend of declines and no shows, the MWFRA has instituted the following appointments lock out measures.

Instance ofDeclineNo Show
FirstNo penaltyTwo week lock out
SecondNo penaltyFour week lock out
ThirdOne week lock outSeason lock out
FourthThree week lock out
FifthSeason lock out

For example, a referee who does not fulfil a received appointment (no show) will not receive any appointments in the following two consecutive weekends after that no show has been processed.