Electronic Match Sheets (EMS) Procedures

From 2018, the MWFA has introduced the Electronic Match Sheet (EMS) system which will replace paper-based match sheets. The following is a summary of the procedures.

  1. icompman.com.au
  2. Username = email address as entered in MFC
  3. Password = FFA number
  4. Click on imatchsheets (mobile version)
  5. Select Club (teams involved), location (ground), date and click on CONFIRM SELECTION
  6. Games at that field with the teams selected with appear. Click on the correct game – it should turn Yellow
  7. Click on Update result, match officials & other match statistics at the bottom of the page
  8. User account is not authorised . . . click don’t show this message again
  9. Insert the result – score for each team
  10. Click on Match Status & Details – complete this section including if the Defibrillator is available.
  11. Click on Referees & Officials
  • Use the drop down box to find your name
  • Use the drop down box to find the name of your ARs
  • If you name does not appear, either your registration has not been approved or you have not been loaded into the EMS. Enter your name in the text box next to MatchDay Supervisor
  1. Click on Update cards, player statistics, submit Referee Reports at bottom of screen
  2. Photos of each player/manager/coach will appear for the first team. Select the player/manager/coach who received a yellow or red card. Use the drop down box to indicate the offence for the first, second offence or Temporary Dismals (18/1 only and MWFA Cup). Click confirm when you have completed the player.
  1. Repeat for any other players, switching teams at the top of the screen, if necessary
  2. Once all information is entered, check with the managers that they have completed and agree with the entries, the click SAVE. This locks the Match sheet.

Please note:

  • Match sheets are available 48 hours before the game.
  • Referees must call the teams to the centre of the field 10 mins prior to the scheduled kick off time for the ID check but are not responsible for the ID check. This is an opportunity for the referee to check players equipment.
  • Referees should show their MWFRA ID card (or driver’s license) to the managers to verify their identity.