Advanced Courses

2019 Advanced Courses

In 2019 we are running 2 advanced courses. Both are free for MWFRA members and $50 for members of other associations.

The Level 3 Referee course is for referees who have least one year refereeing experience and are at least 16 years old. It will be held on Sunday 14 April at Cromer Park.

Click here to sign up for the L3 Referee Course.

The Level 3 Referee Assessors course is for referees with a Level 3 Referee qualification who want to become an assessor or improve their skills. It will be held on Sunday 7 April at Cromer Park.

Click here to sign up for the L3 Referee Assessors Course.

Contact Ethan Ryan by emailing for more information.

The FFA Level 4 Referee Accreditation received on completion of the entry level course is only the beginning of the theoretical training for referees interested in improving their refereeing knowledge and ability.

In addition to the Level 4 Accreditation, there are five further referee accreditation levels: Level 3; Level 2 (Theory only); Level 2 (Theory and Practical); Level 1 (Theory only); and Level 1 (Theory and Practical).

To successfully earn any of these accreditations, candidates must pass a written test and, if applicable, pass at least one field examination, as well as complete any other stipulated requirements.

Courses to achieve levels of referee accreditation beyond that of Level 3 are conducted by and through FNSW and FFA, which take place in locations across the Sydney metropolitan area.

No Cost to Upgrade Accreditation

In line with national and state refereeing priorities, the MWFRA not only encourages but actively supports members who wish to achieve higher levels of accreditation and improve their overall refereeing knowledge and ability.

Towards this end, the MWFRA will cover the course fees of any member who undertakes a higher level accreditation course, whether the course be held internally (i.e. run by the MWFRA) or externally (i.e. run by other local branches, FNSW or FFA.)

Please contact Ethan Ryan at with any questions or to express interest in completing an advanced course in 2019.