Referees may be appointed by the MWFRA to officiate trial matches between two MWFA Clubs or between one MWFA Club and one non-MWFA Club.

Match Day Procedures

Send Offs

Referees must report all send offs (including R7 offences) which occur during a trial match. This includes instances where a player from a non-MWFA Club has been sent off.

If there is no match card or if a FFA number is not available, referees should instead provide a description of physical attributes of the sent off player so that he or she can be identified.

In instances where a player has been sent off, the team of the sent off player shall not be able to replace the sent off player with another player, i.e. the team of the sent off player will play with one less player.

Referees should follow regular season procedures for submitting send off reports.

If a non-MWFA Club is playing, select ‘Other’ and provide the name of the non-MWFA Club in the offence description.

If the teams are not of the same grade or division, provide the grade and division of the teams in the offence description.

Appointments Procedures

The only means by which referees will be appointed to trial matches is through MWFRA Administrative Officer Sigrid Mulherin.

Referees who wish to officiate trial matches should inform Sigrid of their availability by email.

Referees who choose to officiate matches outside of this procedure will neither be covered by insurance nor be protected for receiving match fee payment (including late cancellations).

Moreover, referees who choose to officiate teams not affiliated with FNSW or another NSW football association will not be covered by insurance. In 2016, there are several former Granville and Gladesville association clubs that are no longer affiliated to those associations.

Match Fees

Beginning in 2016, the 10% management fee will apply to trial match fees.

The net trial match fee for all senior matches is $45 for the referee and $22.50 for each assistant referee.

The net trial match fee for all junior matches is 90% of the 2016 gross regular match fee at the applicable age grade minus the 10% management fee.

For example, the net trial match fee for the referee of a U12 trial match would be $20.25.

Match Fee Payment

Beginning in 2016, there will be no cash payment of match fees on the day.

Instead, referees will be paid directly into their nominated bank account as per regular season matches.

Payments for trial matches will be progressively made in March and April as funds allow.

However, referees should note that deductions for any outstanding fees will apply to these payments and referees will only receive a payment if in credit at the time of the payment run.