U12-U16 MWFA matches operate under modified Laws of the Game:

Duration of Match/Ball Sizes:

Short Corner Kicks (Under 12s):

25 Metre Rule (Under 12s – Under 14s):

The purpose of the 25m Rule is to facilitate younger age groups playing out from the back with reduced pressure when they are awarded a goal kick or free kick in their penalty area.

The Clearance Zone is a rectangular area bounded by the touchlines, the goal line and an imaginary line parallel to and 25m from the goal line. This line must be indicated by cones, poles or other marking to assist the referee. Referees are expected to undertake a field check which should include ensuring that the Clearance Zone has been marked out. If there are no cones/poles set up to indicate the Clearance Zone, the referee is required to ask the home team for them to set up the Clearance Zone.

The 25m Rule applies to the U12 through U14 age groups and is in operation for goal kicks and also for free kicks awarded to the defending team in the penalty area.

For clarity:

The following diagram illustrates the 25m rule process: