The FFA-mandated reaccreditation process operates on a five year cycle (including the year the course was completed)and requires referees to meet minimum standards over those five years in order to be automatically reaccredited without further action.

Given the possible complexity of the reaccreditation process, members should read the following two important items prior to viewing the data:

  • Your FFA accreditation level and Start/End years The MWFRA has sought to reconcile its accurate data to (possibly mistaken) data that had previously been held in MyFootballClub (MyFC) by reporting any necessary corrections to the data to FNSW to enable their amendment. Members can check if their accreditation information is accurately reflected in PlayFootball by going to the Referee Qualificatons portal and logging in with their FFA number and PlayFootball email address. If members find that their information does not match the MWFRA data, they should advise the MWFRA Registrar via email at [email protected].
  • Actions Required for Renewing Expiring Accreditation Before registering each year, referees should check they have completed the minimum requirments for registration approval. For those that have not completed the minimum requirements may be required to complete an online LOTG exam, completing a ‘refresh’ requirement or re-sitting a course. Members who have upgraded their accreditation may also downgrade to a lower level of accreditation. Members who have expiring accreditations and have satisfied the minimum requirements will be automatically reaccredited upon registration as a referee with the MWFRA.

If members have any questions about the accreditation or wish to submit any claims to correct the data, they should contact the MWFRA Registrar via email at [email protected].