The postal address of the MWFRA is PO Box 1091, Dee Why NSW 2099.

For enquiries of a general administrative nature, please contact the MWFRA Administrative Officer Sigrid Mulherin via email at [email protected].

Sigrid is also available via telephone on 0420 660 362 between 9:30am and 4:00pm on weekdays during the local football season.

For enquiries concerning appointments matters, please contact the Sigrid via email or phone if the issue arises between Monday and Friday afternoon and the respective MWFRA Vice President via phone if the issue arises between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

If the respective MWFRA Vice President cannot be reached, please attempt to contact other MWFRA Committee members beginning with the MWFRA President.

For enquiries concerning other MWFRA operational matters, please see the respective positions and contact details of MWFRA Committee members listed on the MWFRA committee page and direct the enquiry to the most appropriate person.

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