The MWFRA expects that all referees will have sufficiently high fitness levels that will enable them to perform successfully on the matches to which they are appointed.

Fitness Requirements

Referees must successfully pass the MWFRA Fitness Test in order to be eligible to be placed on the Mens Premier League referee or assistant referee panel.

However, successfully passing the MWFRA Fitness Test is a necessary but not sufficient condition of being placed on the Mens Premier League panels.

Referee and assistant referee appointments to Mens Premier League matches will be drawn first from the Mens Premier League panels.

Referees and assistant referees of other panels will be appointed to Premier League matches only for development purposes or if there is a shortage of available of Premier League panel referees and assistant referees.

MWFRA Fitness Test

The benchmarks of the MWFRA Fitness Test are the same benchmarks used for FNSW NPL 3 referees.

The 2018 fitness test is a modified version of past tests and has been designed to better reflect the demands placed on referees during matches.

(There is no separate MWFRA Fitness Test for assistant referees. Assistant referees must complete the fitness test to the standard of referees. Likewise, there is no separate MWFRA Fitness Test for females wishing to be placed on the Mens Premier League panel.)

The MWFRA Fitness Test consists of the following:

The full calendar of MWFRA Fitness Tests can be viewed on the Fitness Training & Test Calendar below.

Members must first complete and submit the MWFRA Fitness Test Medical Questionnaire immediately prior to attempting the MWFRA Fitness Test.

Please note that the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen, charges a casual entry fee of $6.00.

Referees intending to attempt the MWFRA Fitness Test should advise MWFRA VP Juniors Chris Senior via email at [email protected] with the date of their intended participation.

Referees with any questions about these fitness requirements should contact MWFRA Branch Coach Frank Maiuolo via phone on 0415 633 011.

Fitness Test Calendar