Important Note

This assessment form is for level 3 qualification upgrades and for assessing referees on matches that do not include Men’s PLs, Men’s ALs or Men’s 18/1s (unless the assessment is for a Level 3 qualification upgrade).

It is strongly recommended that assessors completing this form copy their written responses to a word document as a precaution to minimise the chances of losing information due to an accidental refresh, time-out or failed submission.

  • Personal Details

  • Match Details

  • :
  • Referee Performance

  • Did the referee protect player safety by correctly interpreting and applying the Laws?
  • Was the image of the game protected (technical area)?
  • Was the image of the game protected (dealing with melees)?
  • Did the referee deal with dissent appropriately?
  • The referee correctly applied the Laws
  • The referee dealt with similar incidents in a similar way
  • The referee applied advantage at the appropriate times
  • The referee ran for an angle
  • The referee stayed close to play
  • The referee effectively anticipated play
  • The referee positively influenced player behaviour
  • The referee used 'steps theory' when managing players
  • Restarts of Play were taken from the correct spot
  • The referee applied the Wall Management policy
  • The referee co-operated with the ARs
  • Comments