MWFRA Junior Referee Courses

Update 23/2: Places for juniors in 2019 have now been allocated. We will contact you shortly with the outcome of your application. You can submit an expression of interest for courses in 2020 here.

Update 13/2 we have exceeded the number of places for 13-14 year old referees. If you are turning 15 after 31/3/2019 you may submit an application in Step 1, however this will be placed on a waiting list. Please do not proceed to steps 2-4 until you receive further confirmation.

Becoming a referee with the MWFRA

Each year the MWFRA trains around 80 new junior referees who undertake the nationally accredited FFA Level 4 Referee courses. Refereeing is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime which will allow you to actively contribute to improving the standard of local football, develop management and communication skills, and be paid while enjoying football. We look forward to seeing you at a field shortly.

If you have any questions about becoming a referee or the registration process, please contact the MWFRA’s Course Coordinator, Ethan Ryan, by emailing

Our Expectations (of Ourselves and You)

As part of this process, you can expect the MWFRA to:

  1. Deliver nationally certified training delivered by FFA qualified instructors with a follow up practical session before the season starts;
  2. Provide you with a Junior Coordinator who will endevour to meet with you, to come to some of your games and be available for any questions you may have;
  3. Provide ongoing support through formal practical training sessions and technical information sessions;
  4. Endevour to mentor all first year juniors as either a referee or assistant referee;
  5. Offer opportunities to progress to higher levels of refereeing such as through higher level local matches, advanced courses or FNSW’s Referee Development Program (subject to referee age, experience and performance).

To become a qualified referee will need to:

  1. Be at least 14 years old on 31 December 2019;
  2. Submit an application to referee;
  3. Enrol in and attend a course on Saturday 16 February or Sunday 10 March and attend a practical training day on Sunday 24 February or Saturday 16 March;
  4. Register to referee and pay the registration, uniform and course costs through PlayFootball;
  5. Complete and upload the online Laws of the Game Certificate.

During the season we expect that you will:

  1. Make yourself available on our appointments system, MatchRef, on a weekly basis;
  2. Referee at least 1-2 sessions per week (night game, Sat Morning, Sat afternoon, Sun morning). You will need to be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings in order to receive centre referee appointments. Night games and Saturday afternoons you will be appointed as Assistant Referee;
  3. Undertake as many games as an Assistant Referee as possible to learn from the senior centre referees;
  4. Attend a training session at least once per month – either a technical session at a General Meeting or a training session at Cromer Park.

Steps to Apply

Applying to become a referee takes three simple steps.

Step 1. Submit an Application to Referee.

In order to referee, you will have to complete a short application form here.

This form is designed to assess your interest in refereeing and ensure your availability is compatible with our operational requirements. After we receive your application, we will accept your application or may contact you to further discuss your interests and availability further. You can continue to Steps 2-4 before we have contacted you.

Step 2. Enroll in a course

Enroll in one of the two courses through the links:

The courses are held at Cromer Park between 9am and 5pm. Please note that junior referees can only attend the two courses above.

An invoice will be created and emalied to you at this step. Please pay for this in Step 3.

Step 3. Register to referee and pay pay for the course, rego, and uniform

Log onto PlayFootball and register to referee here. You will need to pay for the course, referee registration fees, and uniform at this stage, which is $207.

Select the package ‘MWFRA 1st Year Junior Referee Registration & Cours’.

Step 4. Obtain and Upload the Laws of the Game Certificate

Finally, obtain the FFA’s free online Laws of the Game Certificate. This certificate can be obtained by creating an account, completing the interactive Laws of the Game workbook and passing an online multiple choice examination at the FFA Laws of the Game website.

After you have done this, save a copy of the certificate and upload it here.

This must be completed 48 hours before the course start time.


How much information should be included in the application?

The purpose of the application is to learn about your motivations for applying, your avaliability, and to give you the opportunity to consider why you would like to referee. Therefore, we only require short (1-10 word) answers to the questions. If we require more information we will contact you separately.

How do I pay the course fee?

Please pay the course fee when you register through PlayFootball (Step 3).

The course fee is too expensive. Is it possible to pay later?

The course fee includes uniform, FFA/FNSW registration fees, a LotG book, external online payment fees, and course materials. We do not aim to profit from the courses and feel they are competitively priced. As such, we are unable to offer discounts or options to pay later.

How much will I get paid?

As a guide, the match fees from 2018 are here. Please note that they are subject to change each year.

I am unable to attend the courses for juniors. Can I attend a seniors course?

As our juniors and seniors courses include different content and teaching methodologies, we are unable to offer seniors courses to junior referees.

What is your cancellation policy?

We follow the FFA’s cancellation policy, avaliable on page 11 of the FFA’s AODS. Please contact us ASAP if you need to withdraw from a course.

Further Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ethan Ryan by emailing with any questions about becoming a referee with the MWFRA.