MWFRA Senior Referee Courses

The MWFRA has a yearly intake of senior referees who are appointed to matches within the association. Note that for the purpose of course attendance, senior referees are separate to team referees.

Steps to Apply

Applying to become a referee takes three steps.

Step 1. Enroll in a course

Enroll in the courses through the links:

The courses are held at Forestville RSL Club between 9am and 4pm. Please note that senior referees can only attend the two courses above.

An invoice will be created and emalied to you at this step. Please pay for this in Step 2.

Step 2. Register to referee

Please note that to complete this step you will first have to obtain a paid working with childen check from the Service NSW, which you can apply for here. This costs around $80.

Log onto PlayFootball and register to referee here. Select the package ‘MWFRA New Senior Referee and Course’ and follow the prompts. The course fee of $207 needs to be paid at this stage.

Step 3. Obtain and Upload the Laws of the Game Certificate

Finally, obtain the FFA’s free online Laws of the Game Certificate. This certificate can be obtained by creating an account, completing the interactive Laws of the Game workbook and passing an online multiple choice examination at the FFA Laws of the Game website. The course should take a few hours to complete.

After you have done this, save a copy of the certificate and upload it here.

This must be completed 48 hours before the course start time.


The course fee is too expensive. Is it possible to pay later?

The course fee includes uniform, FFA/FNSW registration fees, a LotG book, online payment fees, and course materials. We do not aim to profit from the courses and feel they are competitively priced. As such, we are unable to offer discounts or options to pay later.

How much will I get paid?

As a guide, the match fees from 2018 are here. Please note that they are subject to change each year.

I am unable to attend the courses for seniors. Can I attend a juniors course?

As our juniors and seniors courses include different content and teaching methodologies, we are unable to offer juniors courses to senior referees.

What is your cancellation policy?

We follow the FFA’s cancellation policy, avaliable on page 11 of the FFA’s AODS. Please contact us ASAP if you need to withdraw from a course.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Ethan Ryan by emailing with any questions about becoming a referee with the MWFRA.