MWFRA Team Referee Courses

UPDATE (19/4): The final team referee course will be held at Forestville RSL on April 28 2019.

As part of the MWFA’s requirements, all senior mens teams AL2s and below have to provide 2 qualified referees. To do this you can undertake a course with the MWFRA. In addition to meeting the MWFA requirements, as a team referee you also get the opportunity to improve the standard of local football, improve your fitness, and get paid. The MWFA pays all the fees associated with becoming a team referee for up to two people per team.

Steps to Apply

Applying to become a referee takes three steps.

Step 1. Enroll in a course

AT this stage you can ignore the invoice created. The MWFA pay this.

Enroll in one of the two courses through the links:

The course will be held at Forestville RSL Club but will run between 9am and 3pm.

Please note this will create an invoice for $207. If you are one of two new team referees in your team, you do not need to pay this invoice.

Step 2. Register to referee

IN THIS STEP YOU NEED TO SELECT THE PACKAGE: MWFRA New Team Referee Registration & Course. Do not pay any money at this stage.

Log onto PlayFootball and register to referee here. Select the package ‘MWFRA New Team Referee Registration & Course‘ and follow the prompts.

Step 3. Obtain and Upload the Laws of the Game Certificate

Finally, obtain the FFA’s free online Laws of the Game Certificate. This certificate can be obtained by creating an account, completing the interactive Laws of the Game workbook and passing an online multiple choice examination at the FFA Laws of the Game website. The course should take a few hours to complete.

After you have done this, save a copy of the certificate and upload it here

This must be completed 48 hours before the course start time.


I was told that I don’t have to pay the course fee. Why has the system created an invoice/says I need to pay $207?

The course cost for non-team referees is $207, however for team referees this is paid by the MWFA. Please ignore the fee.

I have refereed previously. Do I need to recomplete the course?

To be a team referee you need a current FFA approved referee qualification. You can check the status of your qualification here. If your qualification is not current, you will need to complete the course again. Note that depending on past experience, you may be able to complete an advanced course rather than recompleting the Level 4. Contact for more details.

Do I get paid as a team referee?

Yes! As a guide, in 2018 the fee for a standard senior mens match was $56.70.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Ethan Ryan by emailing with any questions about becoming a referee with the MWFRA.