Referees who witness any misconduct from a player who has already been sent off in a match must, in addition to submitting an electronic send off report, also submit an electronic citation report concerning that misconduct.

Furthermore, referees who dismiss a team official from the technical area for irresponsible behaviour must also report that dismissal and the irresponsible behaviour by submitting an electronic citation report.

Referees can also cite misconduct by any other individual, including spectators, in relation to a match in which they are officiating.

If a citation report concerns the actions of an individual, referees need not ascertain his or her name if they feel uncomfortable. In such an instance, referees should attempt to ascertain the identity of the individual from other people in the area or simply include a detailed description of the individual in their report.

It is not sufficient to simply mark that an individual was cited in a match on the match card. All citations must be accompanied by an electronic citation report.

Submission Procedure

To submit a citation report, referees should complete and submit the online citation report form within 24 hours of the completion of the match.

Referees who, after clicking the “Submit Citation Report Form” button, see a blank report form have not successfully submitted the report form.

Referees who have successfully submitted the report form will see the following message:

You have successfully submitted a citation report form.

Your submission will be reviewed by the MWFRA prior to being forwarded to the MWFA Judiciary.

If your report requires amendment, you will be shortly contacted to revise and re-submit your report.

Referees who encounter an error in submitting the report form should immediately email [email protected] with details of the citation.

Report Writing Assistance

Referees who require assistance with writing a citation description should draft a description and email that description to [email protected]. And as with send offs, referees will then receive via return email a draft citation offence description with which they can amend as required in completing and submitting the online citation report form.

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