Please Note

The MWFRA is interested in collecting regular information about the match day experiences of our team referees, with a view on helping identify areas of concern. This includes behaviour towards referees.

The form below asks you to rate:

  • The nature of the match,
  • Conduct of players and team officials towards you and,
  • How you felt about your own performance.

You may complete this form anomalously, however there is the option to provide contact details if you would like the MWFRA to get in touch with you to discuss further any issues you have raised. Additional (optional) comment sections have also been provided for each section, should you be interested in providing more specific information.

Team Referee Feedback Form

This form is aimed at providing Team Referees the opportunity to provide feedback and experiences on match day.
  • Match Details

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Section Break

  • Was the match played in good spirits (Very Good/Good)? Was there significant rough play (Poor/Very Poor)? Consider then number and severity of fouls, language used and general atmosphere of the match.
  • Were players readily accepting of your decisions (Very Good/Good)? Was there recurring criticisms of decisions (Poor/Very Poor)?

    You may want to consider the following factors:

    - Was it just one specific player or multiple players showing poor/good conduct towards me?

    - Were the comments made from a distance or did players approach or surround you to appeal/argue about a decision?

  • Did I handle the game well (Very Good/Good)? Could I have handled the game better (Poor/Very Poor)? Consider whether you felt like your decision making was consistent, whether you prioritised player safety, kept close to play (10-15 metres) etc.