To report instances of misconduct by any person, please use the citation report form.

There may also be instances in which referees may need to report to the MWFA match related events that are not related to individual misconduct.

Referees must submit an incident report if a match is abandoned because of insufficient players, extreme weather, excessive delays or broken goal posts or crossbars that cannot be fixed.

Referees may also submit an incident report to report poor field markings, team forfeits, unmet team duties or any other incident related to the match but not related to individual misconduct (in relation to the Laws of the Game).

Submission Procedure

To submit an incident report, referees should complete and submit the online incident report form within 24 hours of the completion of the match.

Referees who, after clicking the “Submit Incident Report Form” button, see a blank report form have not successfully submitted the report form.

Referees who have successfully submitted the report form will see the following message:

You have successfully submitted an incident report form.

Your submission will be reviewed by the MWFRA prior to being forwarded to the MWFA Judiciary.

If your report requires amendment, you will be shortly contacted to revise and re-submit your report.

Referees who encounter an error in submitting the report form should immediately email [email protected] with details of the incident.